10 tips to get rank top in IIT-JEE-2019 exam

10 tips to get rank top in IIT-JEE-2019 exam.png

10 tips to get rank top in IIT-JEE-2019 exam

Many students ask how to get top 3000 rank in IIT-JEE-2019 exams. IIT-JEE is exam for the students to join best IIT engineering colleges. There are many branches in IIT like Computer, Mechanical,Electronics etc. IIT-JEE entrance exam is multiple choice exam. There are three papers Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You have to solve all questions very carefully and focus fully. Getting Top rank in JEE exam is not difficult but you should study conceptually and thoroughly. Top tips for Crack IIT_JEE exam are as follows.

1) Study according to syllabus -

Students should know what is JEE syllabus. Study all topics and get clear concept all subjects.

2) Best books Reference-

Study From Quality books. Study thoroughly. Makes Notes.understand concepts. Understand it from videos. IIT -JEE has best reference books list is here.

3) Notes -

Students has quality of notes of studies all subjects. Make quality notes from reference books and subject books.

4) Revision-

Revise all your studies notes and books once in week. Make a plan of only revision.

5) Practice-

Practice more questions always and tests series always. You can see IIT-JEE study materials on Youtube.

6) Questions papers-

Solve as many as questions papers. Solve with in time period. Solve and make corrected it.

7) Discussion-

Discuss with all study groups friends and teachers.

8) Time Management-

Plan good time management.

9) Focus -

Focus on goal and study materials.

10) Meditate and Relax-

Do 4-5 minutes daily meditation. It helps in increasing focus and concentrations.

These are the best practice 10 tips to get rank top in IIT-JEE-2019 exam tips for cracking IIT-JEE 2019. Make all utilise time for study and understanding subjects.